Top 5 Workplace Trends in 2012

This is an interesting year. We are facing an election year, restaurantguru the economy is trying to recover, and jobs are not where everyone would like them to be. Corporations are watching what they spend, from gas to office supplies to corporate events. Not only is everything under scrutiny, employees and contractors alike are being asked to pitch in a little more even if they have a little less. And oh by the way, they are being guided to be more creative in their solutions. nationalappliancerepairs

This will is a 3-part series exploring various workplace trends that will shape the future of Corporate America and local, state, and Federal governments. These trends can support your growth if you know how to best use them to your benefit. bidaraspecialist

The first 5 trends are explained below and will be followed by 5 more trends and the cost of implementing trends that companies are using to managing their employees differently. The growth from these trends can be attained for the individual professional as well as for the overall culture.

Workforce Reductions. With various reductions in workforce happening across every industry, whether it is a furlough day, company realignment, reassignment, or layoffs, thecoininfinity there is a shift in staff in just about every large industry. Managers have to think about how to build the next generation of leaders. Every challenge brings opportunity and now more than ever innovation is paramount in working with less and retaining as well as increasing profits. techyana

Telepresence and Telework Options. Telepresence and telework has gained some really serious momentum and visibility for its cross-collaboration and cost-savings as well. The challenge for those that have not built and incorporated that option into their environment can be looking at a lofty price, homewithally simply because corporations are looking to decrease their costs. Telepresence supports so many development skills like presentation, communication, video presence, and effective written skills.

Revitalize your leadership development training: Whether your company is bringing someone in or you are identifying the resource, smokingcannabis coaching or training to enhance your skills and gain better understanding of the best ways to support the profit goals are a primary focus to careers today. There are a few hot areas including developing leadership skills, creating sustainability, motivating and promoting a collaborative work environment have become important.

Recognize the value of emotional intelligence: Emotional intelligence has become more important than being intelligent. Reading people and using authentic, dispensarieslists humanistic management intuition strengthens employee relations and reading others actions to make better decisions on future moves that affect the organization. Interacting, sharing, and including staff’s perspectives is invaluable.

Have a transitional exit plan. You don’t have to be a senior manager or executive to have a transitional exit plan (or succession plan) to prepare the next person for your position, as well as, restoguides have a smooth exit and progress to our next opportunity. Whether you are retiring or your company is going through some changes, you need to identify key team members that can be trained as leaders and be cross-trained. The exit plan is just as important as the growth plan.

L. Denise Jackson is a certified entrepreneur trainer, published author, Tech Tips and Communities Christian counselor, green consultant with experience in indoor air quality, mold issues, and real green cleaning products.

Ms. Jackson is highly sought after for interviews and feature articles regarding selecting a nursing home with limited resources and integrating herself as part of the care team. Her new affordable eBook “A Family’s Guide to Evaluating and Selecting A Nursing Home with Limited Resources” will be available by November 26, 2009.


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