Balanced Breastfeeding HACKS!

Hack: to cut through with heavy blows (for our purposes, Web3 Marketing Agency taking a deliberate and forceful shortcut)

Hack: to break into and steal someone else’s day (for our purpose, stealing other people’s shortcuts)

This week I am going ake vagina to introduce you to a term we are now and forever more going to use: HACK.

We will call these Breastfeeding Hacks, Pumping Hacks, Baby Hacks, and Life Hacks.

You may not realize it, Cleaning Hacks but through trial and error you have figured out ways to make your life easier, get things done quicker and mess things up less often.

So, I will start you off with some of the best hacks I have collected from mamas over the years. Then, you comment at the bottom and share yours!

Life Hacks:

Erin uses a website called Once a Month Meals to prepare a month’s worth of meals. She spends one Saturday a month shopping, cooking and freezing a month’s worth of meals. Then, otobox mieten each day, all she has to do is pull dinner from the freezer and pop it in the oven!

Don’t waste half a day in the grocery store, have it delivered to you! Fresh Direct is a favorite amongst mamas.

Megan is sure to outsource anything possible. I think a cleaning service should be mandatory for working moms. I once had a service come once a month and clean the dog poop from my yard. Ain’t nobody got time for that! test ansia stress depressione

Baby Hacks:

My fussy baby Lucy loved the bath, but hated getting out of the bath. We somehow figured out that she really loved to be blow-dried after being bathed!

To keep a sleepy newborn awake while nursing on the first breast, but get them to go back to sleep while nursing on the second, gamingzsite unswaddle and change baby’s diaper for nursing on the first breast. Between breasts, wake baby back up by changing the diaper again, but swaddle baby before putting her on the second breast. Once she falls asleep you can move her gently from nursing pillow to bassinet. If she stirs, place the palm of your hand on her belly and gently shake her, then just hold your hand there, then hover your hand above her, then take your hand away.

Once your baby stops pooping every 30 minutes (around 4-6 weeks), don’t change her diaper at night when she wakes up unless she poops. To keep her skin dry, coat her butt with a thick layer of A&D ointment.

Breastfeeding Hacks:

The Breastfriend pillow and none other. Best hack ever.

Keep water bottles around the house anywhere you might nurse because you won’t remember you are thirsty until you are sitting down and settled into nursing.

Before your husband leaves for work, ask him to make 2 extra sandwiches for you to eat throughout the day. (Tell him to leave one of the PB&Js on your nightstand).

Big boobs? Roll up a receiving blanket and stick it under your boob so that your nipple is lifted to the level of the baby’s mouth. Then, once the baby is latched on, Stair Treads you should be able to let go of your breast with your hand, leaving one hand free!

Pumping Hacks:

Want to pump hands free? You have a couple options!

1. The McGyver Method:

2. Cut small holes or slits in a sports bra and thread your flanges through.

3. Buy the favorite Simple Wishes Bra. freelancernk

More Pumping Hacks:

Pump flanges don’t fit quiet right? Does the milk leak backwards down your chest? Try: Pumpin Pals.

Always have a towel handy at work to lay across your lap while you pump to catch spills!

Try dry erase markers to label the date your milk was pumped.


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